(Check the calendar periodically for updates.)


7—Vision Sunday
7—Fellowship Dinner (Kosinski) and Small Groups
9—Heart-to-Heart Ladies’ Bible Study
13—Men’s Prayer Breakfast
28—The Lord’s Supper
28—Annual Business Meeting

4—Fellowship Dinner (Baughman) and Small Groups
10—Men’s Prayer Breakfast
13—Heart-to-Heart Ladies’ Bible Study
18—Kyle Cline speaking
24—Wisconsin State Youth Conference
25—The Lord’s Supper

4—Fellowship Dinner (Slayton) and Small Groups
4-7—Annual Missions Conference
11—Daylight Saving Time begins
17—Men’s Prayer Breakfast
18—Pastor Jim Stevens preaching
25—The Lord’s Supper
27—Heart-to-Heart Ladies’ Bible Study

1—Easter Brunch
1—No Evening Service
6-7—WFBC Ladies Retreat
8—Fellowship Dinner (Kosinski) and Small Groups
14—Men’s Prayer Breakfast
15—Quarterly Business Meeting
21—Church Work Day
22—Pastor Larry Gross preaching
24—Heart-to-Heart Ladies’ Bible Study
29—The Lord’s Supper

6—Fellowship Dinner (Baughman) and Small Groups
12—Men’s Prayer Breakfast
16—Patch the Pirate Club Closing Program
19—Ladies’ Luncheon
20—The Lord’s Supper

3—Fellowship Dinner (Slayton) and Small Groups
24—The Lord’s Supper

1—Fellowship Dinner (Kosinski) and Small Groups
4—No Mid-Week Bible Study
15—Quarterly Business Meeting
22—The Lord’s Supper
23-27—Time Lab Vacation Bible School (Answers in Genesis curriculum)
29—No Evening Service

5—Fellowship Dinner (Baughman) and Small Groups
10-11—Men & Boys Canoe Trip
26—The Lord’s Supper

2—Sunday School Promotion Sunday
2—No Evening Service
5—Patch the Pirate Club begins
8—Men’s Prayer Breakfast
9—Fellowship Dinner (Slayton Group) and Small Groups
20—Heart-to-Heart Ladies’ Bible Study
22—Fall Festival (Camp Chetek)
23-26—Special Meetings with Evangelist Matt Galvan
25—Teen Night
29—Celebrate Life Picnic (Assurance Women’s Center)
30—The Lord’s Supper

7—Fellowship Dinner (Kosinski) and Small Groups
7—John Nasett Preaching
13—Men’s Prayer Breakfast
14—Maranatha Baptist University Orchestra
18—Heart-to-Heart Ladies’ Bible Study
20—Church Work Day
21—Quarterly Business Meeting
27—Chili Dump Fellowship
28—The Lord’s Supper

4—Daylight Saving Time ends
4—Fellowship Dinner (Baughman) and Small Groups
10—Men’s Prayer Breakfast
11—Pie Fellowship
21—Thanksgiving Praise Service
24—Ladies’ Christmas Fellowship
25—The Lord’s Supper
30—Christmas Caroling in the Community

2—Fellowship Dinner (Slayton Group) and Small Groups
4—Kaukauna Christmas Parade
8—Men’s Prayer Breakfast
9—Christmas Program
23—The Lord’s Supper
23—Christmas Candle Service
26—No Mid-Week Service